Pavilion Cronulla

  • Residential

    Jul 2019

    Private Developer

    Croydon Street Cronulla

    Design and Construction of 28 luxurious apartments with 450sqm of commercial and three retail spaces and two levels of basement, located opposite the Cronulla Mall.

    We are proud to have been the builders of a prestigious development located opposite the Cronulla Mall. Our role encompassed the construction of 28 luxurious apartments, 450 square meters of commercial space, three retail spaces, and two levels of basement.

    With a focus on delivering impeccable craftsmanship, we worked diligently to bring the project to life. Collaborating closely with the design team, we ensured that every aspect of the construction met the highest standards of quality and functionality.

    Our attention to detail was evident in the construction of the luxurious apartments, where comfort and sophistication were paramount. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we paid meticulous attention, incorporating high-end finishes and fixtures that exuded luxury. The layouts were carefully planned to optimise space utilisation and natural light, creating a seamless blend of functionality and elegance.

    The commercial and retail spaces were designed to provide a professional and inviting environment, catering to the needs of businesses and attracting foot traffic from the bustling Cronulla Mall. The construction of the two levels of basement ensured convenient parking and storage facilities for residents and businesses alike.


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    Jul 2019